Our mission

We find ourselves nearing the most important election of our lives. 2020 will be a pivotal year in determining the fate of the United States on a variety of fronts ranging from the survival of our planet, the stability of our democracy, and the lives of millions at risk from worsening economic insecurity. There is only one solution, we have to increase political participation. The world we live in will never improve unless we take a stand, and 2020 is our chance to break the trend of uncertainty that Americans have been living in for years. 2020 is our moment to make a difference and to fight for the life that was stolen from us.

Join us in this campaign to energize Kansas Young Democrats, so across the state we can inspire and mobilize young people to spring into action. 

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Kansas Young Democrats chapter leadership sets the tone for the success of our state’s party. By creating a strong presence in all regions throughout Kansas, we will ensure more young people are engaged, educated, and registered Democrats.

we plan to:

  • Reach out to young people beyond Kansas' urban areas

  • establish virtual chapters in less populated areas

  • create tri-county chapters

  • Host bi-weekly phone conferences with kyd leaders

  • collaborate with the Kansas high school democrats

  • increase transparency and energy within the kyd

  • appoint regional representatives to seek out young democrats across the state


Bench Building

The Kansas Young Democrat organization has the opportunity to serve as the gateway for young Kansans to take their first steps into the political sphere. Unfortunately, too many people are intimidated by the process of seeking elected office. Between the paperwork to file, the network to build, money to raise, digital tools to implement, and more -- you can't blame them. Here’s how we will motivate our young people to build the confidence and resources needed for running for office.

we plan to:

  • Build a coalition of activists and appointed leaders dedicated to educating and electing young democrats

  • Offer young activist the opportunity to shadow local and state leaders through the KYD internship project

  • Assign new members a designated, experienced mentor

  • Increase youth representation within the KDP


Issue Campaigning

While every issue that is debated in the state house will be taken seriously by my administration, we will seek emphasis on seven main categories

in no particular order: climate change, gun reform, medicaid expansion, LGBTQ+ inclusion, rural equity, immigration, and women’s rights.

we plan to:

  • establish a universal strategy for YD chapters to adapt in their own communities when attempting to tackle these issues individually.

  • lead our chapters by implementing a statewide, cohesive strategy when an issue arises that is too great for a single chapter to tackle


While giving money to a political campaign or start-up organization is vital to its succession, it’s the role of the fundraiser that is often under-valued. Without sufficient funding coming in, KYD chapters and it’s members struggle to project important messages across the state and provide their support to local causes.

we plan to:

  • Build up kyd's operating budget to $10,000 by the end of our first year

  • Discuss the importance of finance in young democratic politics with chapters across the state




KYD has the potential to be a force of influence in KS policymaking and elections for generations to come, but we don’t believe the current leadership realizes the potential. The majority of young folks desire a better world, but we are unorganized and not politically active enough to make our desires heard at the ballot box or through volunteering.

we plan to:

  • modernize KYD by bringing the organization up to 21st century political standards

  • revamp the KYD Constitution to bring KYD to its full potential

© 2020 Ryan Reza for Kansas Young Democrats President